Counselor Nomination Form 2020

Olin College of Engineering offers prospective students the opportunity to attend a fly-in visit to Olin during the month of October. We invite counselors to nominate high school seniors with strong potential for Olin's collaborative, project-based engineering curriculum who would not otherwise have the financial resources to visit our campus.

The tentative dates for this year's Olin Mix & Mingle fly-in program are October 18-19, 2020*. Students will arrive on Sunday, stay overnight in an Olin residence hall, and be assigned a student host to take them to classes and activities on Monday. Due to the small number of Olin student hosts available, our fly-in program is limited to high school seniors and students who for other reasons are planning to enter college in fall 2021. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate nominations for international students at this time.

This form should be completed by Wednesday, September 16, 2020, by a school counselor, teacher, or other administrator to nominate a student for a fly-in to Olin.

After this form is submitted, the nominated student will be prompted to complete an additional form to express their interest in visiting Olin. The student's Olin Mix & Mingle Request Form must be completed by Wednesday, September 23, 2020 in order for the student to be considered for a fly-in visit to Olin. In addition, you must upload an unofficial copy of the student's transcript (including performance through the end of their junior year) to this form by this date. You may also submit test scores, but test scores are optional. An admission counselor will review this information and contact the student to confirm and make arrangements for the fly-in.

Please contact Alia Georges, Assistant Director of Admission & Financial Aid Counselor, at with any questions.

*Note about COVID-19: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Olin's plans for the fall 2020 semester are still being finalized, and we understand that we will need to continue to be flexible as the situation unfolds. Should a different type of program, such as a virtual alternative, become necessary, we will communicate this with students and counselors.